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#yoga fly #mencanfly #thefirstflying #sanooklife #havingfun

#yoga fly #mencanfly #thefirstflying #sanooklife #havingfun



#Yogafly #sanooklife #bangkok #โยคะฟลาย #loseweight

#Yogafly #sanooklife #bangkok #โยคะฟลาย #loseweight



#muaythai #loseweight #thaiboxing #sanooklife boxing lose weigth new package to get a new perfect body in 3 months as a membership                        

#muaythai #loseweight #thaiboxing #sanooklife boxing lose weigth new package to get a new perfect body in 3 months as a membership



#yogaflybangkok #aerialyoga #sanooklife #yogafly flying and meditation on friday

#yogaflybangkok #aerialyoga #sanooklife #yogafly flying and meditation on friday







wine tasting bangkok

The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but it is shared. George Brassens

The whole world is about three glasses of wine late. Humphrey Bogart.

This Saturday August 4 had the fortune and privilege to share with 10 guests a selection of wines along with French cooking Restaurant “Paris délices" Bangkok.

At 6pm we welcomed our guests were arriving slowly and started our event with the presentation of our company Sanooklife and its desire to offer the best selection of services and products to its customers Thais and expats. 
SanOOklife, the wine online shop Bangkok, for a wide selection and select from red, white, rosé and sparkling.

Thanks to our partners “Thai french wines" Emmanuel Visart, "Thai Asia Impex" Claude Lapeyre, "Paris Délices Bangkok" Bruno Labruni ainsi that "Comte de Sibour" Sébastien we have been able to offer a selection of


  • White Wines: 
  • Sauvignon 
  • Muscadet 
  • Riesling 
  • Jean Luc Colombo 
  • Malbec Pigmentum
  • Red wines: 
  • Loxarel 
  • Château Le Bourdieu 
  • Château de Ferboy 
  • Jean Luc Colombo “le vent” 
  • Colombard Pigmentum
  • Sparkling 
  • Lutines Perles Noires 
  • Prosecco

Along with whites have been enjoying a “Tappenade” black olives with “Cognac absolutely wonderfully prepared by Chef Bruno Labruni.

In “Bretagne province” performed the best “crêpe in the world” but as we saw in Bangkok’s legendary recipe and preparation is perfect to enjoy the best selection of reds wines SanOOklife.

To finish, we enjoyed a Belgian waffle and sweet crêpes with a pink “lutines perles noires” and promising prosecco.

This evening was thanks to the perfect organization from khun YaYee Anuttra and khun Ploy … thanks evening was a delight …



Yoga fly for

Yoga fly for



Acne treatments solutions Bangkok

All types of acne — blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and cysts — develop when pores in our skin become clogged. The culprit is sebum, an oil in our skin.

All types of acne — blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and cysts — develop when pores in our skin become clogged. The culprit is sebum [see-bum], an oil in our skin. Our bodies make more sebum when our hormones surge. This is why teens get acne. This is why women often breakout before their periods. Since hormones fluctuate in the years leading up to menopause, many women in their 40s and 50s get  acne.      
Risk factors
People using Hormonal changes in your body can provoke or aggravate acne. Such changes are common in:
Women and girls, two to seven days before their periods
Pregnant women
certain medications, including those containing corticosteroids, androgens or lithium
Other risk factors include:
Direct skin contact with greasy or oily substances, or to certain cosmetics applied directly to the skin
A family history of acne 
Friction or pressure on your skin caused by various items, such as telephones or cellphones, helmets, tight collars and backpacks
stress may make it worse

Find all the Treatments READ MORE…

Sanooklife SKin Doctor Consultant






Pilates Promotion in Bangkok

Come and test for free one hour Pilates on Next Saturday in Phrong Phong BTS Station.

"จากประสบการณ์ และการค้นหามานาน ในที่สุดก็ค้นพบกูรู-พิลาทิสตัวจริงเสียงจริง แนะนำค่ะว่าที่นี่เค้าดีจริง เพราะตอนนี้กำลังเรียนพิลาทิสกับกูรู ที่เป็นคนแรกที่นำพิลาทิสมาสู่ประเทศไทย และยังเป็นมาสเตอร์ด้านพิลาทิสที่มีเอกลักษณ์การสอนที่ไม่เหมือนใครโดยเฉพาะอีกด้วย"



The best Pilates in Bangkok (1 Hour for FREE)

YogaFly is a fresh and fun new way of exercising and practicing yoga.

It combines all the benefits from various fitness methods such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Aerial Acrobatics. You exercise on a special, 7 meters long hammock, that is soft and flexible and opens surprising new ways to shape and experience your body. With this unique and fresh approach, even challenging exercises and yoga poses become easier and more fun for people like you and me.

YogaFly has been created in 2010 by Patricia Duchaussoy, renowned Pilates-Guru in Bangkok and the owner of a boutique Studio called The Pilates Station. Patricia has created YogaFly to inspire people to feel and look good and to exercise in a joyful way that brings a smile to the face.

Since its introduction to Thailand in 2011, YogaFly has reached the hearts of many people who love this inspirational new method. Among them are celebrities like members of the Thai royal family who practice YogaFly at our place or the actress Gee Paiboonsuvan, who has been trained by Patricia Duchaussoy to be a YogaFly Instructor.



Bicycle jungle tour in Bangkok??

Time seems to stand still as you cycle under stands of giant nipa palm, much as they were 50 million years ago.  Find serenity as you feed the fish in a beautiful park.  Spot an electric-blue kingfisher as it swoops down to catch a fish.  And all of this is taking place just a few hundred meters from Bangkok.

A tour through this area in the company of “Paul” (a Thailand lover) is possibly one of the best and most enjoyable experiences around Bangkok.  He will help you navigate a maze of trails lost in abundant greenery and wildlife in an area that, amazingly, sits right next to Bangkok, nicknamed “The Lungs of Bangkok”.  Paul is a resident of this area and knows it like no one else.
Paul is also a bicycle nut and has custom-built each of the unique bikes you will ride specifically for this area.  No two are the same.
It’s not just about riding a bike though - you will discover and learn about the local area:  the wildlife, how the people live, the history of the area, and how it came to be.
The tour is around three and a half hours, but it varies since each tour is custom-tailored to you depending on your riding style and your interests.  Some choose to continue chatting with Paul at a nice shop, sipping the local Thai coffee or enjoying a delicious fruit smoothie.
This tour is a truly unique experience and is reserved for only 2 or 3 people, because we want you to receive personal attention that large tour groups cannot provide.  We want the experience to feel more like a few friends going out for a ride rather than a cookie-cutter tour.
On weekends, you can visit the quaint Bang Namphueng floating market.  The charm of this floating market is the canal-side lifestyle of the community whose members are mostly Thai and Mon-Thai.  Market hours - 8am to 2pm.



Paris and its mysteries… for centuries, the most wonderful … read more…



Bangkok Tree House – Who knew you could take the BTS up-country?

 When the new Skytrain BTS extension finally opened up last year there were hundreds of thousands of people who now had easy access to the central business district and all of the amenities that are part of the day to day life in downtown Bangkok.  I couldn’t think of any reason to make use of the new extension since that one agonizingly painful trip to IKEA last year but I am happy to report that all of that has changed after our journey ‘up-country’ began only 8 stations away from home.

After a quick 15 minute jaunt along the BTS from Asoke to Bangna we flagged down a taxi – which happened to be a karaoke taxi blasting Carabao for our pleasure – for the 5 minute trip (1.5 km) down to the river.  Once at the river we paid 20 baht each ( 66 cents) to take a hair-raising ‘rocket boat’ across instead of the 4 baht (13 cents) ferry as the private boat takes you right to the hotel’s pier and the ferry drops you off 300 meters away from the hotel.   Pro Tip: the rocket-boat driver may not know ‘Bangkok Tree House’ but he will likely know ‘Ta Mai Pai’ (bamboo pier) or ‘baan Joe’ (Joe’s house).

A cold towel and a refreshing glass of house made pea-flower juice awaited us in the temporary reception (construction is almost complete on the permanent reception) and a small netbook received our personal details as well intuitively asking our breakfast preference.  While our room was being cooled down with the A/C from the summer heat, C.B. and I went for a walk around the grounds and observed over and over what it really means to be a ‘green’ hotel .

After the walk we were handed an old-school glass bottle filled with nicely chilled water and shown to our Tree Top Nest.  The ground floor is home to the toilet, spacious sink, and an amazing outdoor bathing area with your choice of a rain shower or traditional shower head.  At first I thought the space would be more combination living room/bathroom when in reality it is much more like a massive bathroom.  From the glass floor in the toilet to the outdoor rain shower, this bathroom proved repeatedly to be a nice shock to the senses.

Once up the ladder-stairs (which we definitely got used to on day 2) you are now in the separate bedroom/workspace/chill zone.  A big screen computer, 4 soft pillows, a comfy bed and an air-conditioner = true bliss in the 35+ degree temperatures of the early afternoon.  Out on the deck and up to the rooftop you will find a great outdoor bed perfect for catching some rays or staring at the stars and enjoying the nighttime breeze coming off the river.

Prior to dinner we picked out 2 bikes and made our way along the newly constructed pathway connecting BTH to the floating market where we had a late lunch and a couple of iced coffees before taking the long way round back to the hotel.  Every local person we saw greeted us with a big smiling hello and a few asked if we were lost and needed directions – two things you wouldn’t normally find on the other side of the river.  Back safely at the nest with time to relax before dinner we fired up the computer and thoroughly enjoyed watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

With a nice twilight glow for a 6:30 dinner, the table perched off the front side of the hotel couldn’t have been more beautiful.  The restaurant called ‘Reflect’ prides itself on offering locally grown organic fare with diners able to choose either a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian (or a combination) 3 course menu for an incredible THB 490++ / $16++.  Before our appetizers arrived we were brought out a very unique amuse bouche that consisted of an old school Thai snack of ‘Ma Haw’ on top of small sections of fresh pineapple.  Very refreshing and a promising start to the meal.

C.B. kicked her dinner off with the Thai papaya salad which came beautifully presented with squid, scampi and salted eggs.  A very generous sized portion and the Thai taste really rang true.  I chose the spicy summer watermelon salad with mint, black olives and shallots which proved to be an incredible combination.  I assembled my first bite with a slice of olive, a piece of mint and a cube of watermelon and hesitantly put it in my mouth not knowing what to expect.  At first I had a sour vinegary taste followed by a hit of brine from the olive and in that split second I thought that this would be a very salty salad until the fresh mint and the juicy sweetness of the watermelon came crashing through.  It is the kind of dish that you think about having again long after you have eaten it.

For C.B.’s main course she had the melded blue swimmer crab yam tower which was accompanied by a small side of sweet organic potatoes that actually tasted like potatoes.  The rather large cylinder of yam roots, crab, basil, cashew nuts and mayonnaise was an interesting combination and would definitely be a good fit for a hungry seafood fan.  As a ‘larb’ lover I chose the Bangkok Tree House Larb which consisted of fried spicy ground mushrooms, tofu and toasted rice and served with a shot glass of spicy homemade sauce and this vegan dish did not disappoint a carnivore like myself.  When ordering, it was a bit difficult to decide between the BTH larb or the sauteed dory so I asked the staff if I could order the fish a la carte and they kindly agreed.  The fish was covered in a homemade green curry sauce and the chef who made the curry from scratch did not skimp on the spice or the flavor.  The organic brown rice added a really nice dense texture in combination with the fresh fish.

For dessert we both went with the mango and sticky rice and we were in for a treat because the ‘nam dok mai see thong’ mangoes served are generally only found in this area.

After dinner we went up to the rooftop of our nest and laid on the day-bed staring up into the sky and pondering our good fortune to be staying here and for the blessings we have in our life.  The cool breezes, rustling of the palm trees and the sounds of the boats going up and down the river almost lulled us to sleep right then and there.  We groggily made our way down to our bedroom and I drifted off into one of the deepest sleeps I have had in a long time.

I was really hoping that breakfast wouldn’t be the ‘weak link’ of this establishment and it was another nice surprise to receive a beautifully arranged plate of local fruit, a nice pot of homemade tea using local flowers and herbs and a fresh cooked to order breakfast.  The real highlight was the locally made organic brown bread that had that homemade chewy, crunchy fresh taste.  We told the staff how much we enjoyed the bread and they went above and beyond and brought out another basket on the house.

Bangkok Tree House is a one of a kind boutique hotel that is a fantastic place for tourists to ready themselves before heading down to the islands or to relax and rejuvenate before making the long flight back home.  Another great fit proving very popular amongst those who are based in Bangkok is to head here for a convenient and one of a kind weekend getaway.  Two of my favorite things about this hotel are the location and the food and I can’t see a better place to take your friends, guests or your significant other for an adventurous morning cycling trip followed by lunch or an afternoon of cycling followed by a candlelit dinner before stepping into the ‘worm-hole’ and being transported to the concrete jungle on the other side.  We had no idea that the BTS (and a quick boat trip) would take you ‘up-country’ and we already have plans to take our next out of town guests here and show them a side of Thailand you normally wouldn’t find unless your were hundreds of kilometers away.

Our packs include 1 night for 2 persons + 1 bottle sparkling wine + bicycle jungle tour



Be a Muay Thai Fighter for one day in Bangkok

PRIVATE CLASS - 2 hours traditional Muay Thai in Bangkok?

Do not try to start in a group to practice muay Thai, normally you will lost your time and start with wrong techniques.
You will start with WARM UP specially adapted to you and prepare your body to learn Muay thai lessons.


  • In this Gift pack we include one short trousser from our brand TUFF, you can choose your model and size.
  • We also include the protection for hands, choose your favorite color and take this pack to practice when you want in the future.

Teachers: Our team is compose by ex-champion of Lumpinee stadium for sparing (3 of 5 minutes) and national Police Trainer.